* Decarbonization and Development Paths: Kiel_paper

*  “Indonesian Household Carbon Footprint”: Etdeken_Potsdam_paper

* “Household Emission Inequality in Indonesia”: HDCAJktPaper

* “Consumer Price Index for the Poor: and Empirical Analysis of Indonesia”. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics (IRJFE), October 2010.

* “Shrimp contract farming”:  shrimp_paper



* Ekonomi Konstitusi: Haluan Baru Perekonomian Indonesia


LECTURE NOTES (contact personally):

  1. Econometrics I, FEM IPB
  2. Econometrics II, FEM IPB
  3. Bank and Financial Institutions (BLK), FEM IPB
  4. Monetary Economics, FEM IPB
  5. Central Banking and Monetary Policy, FEM IPB
  6. International Finance, FEM IPB
  7. International Finance, Postgraduate FEM IPB


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